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HUGIN management team, the team has operated this business over 20 years, which got together to build HUGIN in the 2012 at a new vision in this industry. Therefore We possess plentiful resource that make HUGIN can offer the professional service, best and safety quality, and the latest trend in this industry, while also the enterprise responsibility to the society.


We are a major focus on providing professional technical and functional textiles in all areas for outerwear, sportswear and active wear for extreme activities in both woven and knitted fabrics. In fact, being fair to all concerned, building goodwill and friendship with our customers and made beneficial to all concerned, and to meet our customers'...<more>

2019.05 Munich Performance Days Show As being a royality exhibiter, we didn't miss any shows of Performance Days. And we receive many reservations from the designers, purchasings, or other companys.
Researchers have engineered a new fabric from synthetic yarn with a carbon nanotube coating that is activated by temperature and humidity, releasing heat in warm humid conditions and trapping heat when conditions are cool and dry. Source: University of Maryland
Minimise fibres from synthetic fabrics to help save marine life.



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